Celia's Secret Santa Gift Guide

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Hello! I’m Celia. I like a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect one person would like at the same time. I’m willing to participate in a steam exchange or a physical one, as I play almost all my games on my computer. The only systems I own are my PC and my 3Ds.


My favorite games are: Tomb Raider, Life is Strange and the Elder Scrolls series. I already own Oblivion and Skyrim, however, but none of Skyrim’s DLC (somehow, even though I’ve played hundreds of hours.)

Outside playing videogames, I’m kind of an avid TV addict. My favorite show is Person of Interest, and any gifts related to that would be more than welcome.


If you’re more musically inclined, merch/CD’s from: Marina & the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez or Halsey would be equally wonderful.

Also: homemade gifts are always welcome!

My shirt size is a: Women’s Small, definitely a Men’s Small.

Sweater size is probably: Women’s Medium, Men’s Small.

Happy holidays!

PS: Header is an edited cap of my favorite holiday movie, Dear Santa. Seriously. If you like cheesy romcoms with a legitimately fun story, queue it on Netflix.

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